Executive Greentex Ltd

Meghna Executive Holdings expand its business and setup a new factory named “Executive Greentex Ltd.” which is under construction, planned for LEED Platinum certification and estimated date of commencement is end of 2018.

Projected Production

Product Line
Polo, Vest, Night Wear and dress, Hoodie, Tee shirt, Skirt, Light woven Bottom, Knitted Bottom.


Cutting :

  • Knit line-1,920,000 pc/month
  • Lingerie-25,80,000 pcs/month


  • 40 Knit line with 1,500,000 pcs/month.
  • 42 line lingerie (bra and brief) 2,400,000 pcs/month.

Location/Factory address
45.5 km north of Dhaka Airport
Molaed, M C Bazar, Sreepur, Gazipur.