Executive Woodworks Ltd.

In a world where creativity and innovation intersect with commerce, the global furniture market serves as a vibrant canvas where artistry meets business. In the ever-evolving landscape of the furniture market, Executive Woodworks Limited embarks on a transformative journey with the potential to reshape the narrative of furniture exports. The company envisions a future where innovation and automation converge seamlessly to redefine the sector. Woodworks is headquartered within an expansive 680,000 square feet complex, housing an automated kiln dry unit, state-of-the-art woodworking machinery, a dust-free environment, and robotic finishing lines that usher in a new era of precision, efficiency and sustainability.

100% Export Oriented Furniture Manufacturing

Yet, our story transcends mere statistics and technological advancements; it encapsulates Bangladesh’s unwavering determination to ensure its presence onto the global furniture stage. With furniture exports valued at $110.36 million in the past fiscal year, Bangladesh’s 15-20 enterprises have already paved pathways across international borders. As Executive Woodworks Limited joins this esteemed group with a vision of 100% exports, we embark on an audacious objective—to export our world class furniture to every corner of the world, with a strategic focus on the Western market, particularly the USA.

Executive Woodworks Factory: A Hub for World-Class Furniture Manufacturing

The journey commenced in 2022. The construction of the manufacturing facility began in Jaina Bazar, Gazipur, marking a significant step forward. The factory’s operational capacity encompasses the production and shipment of 5 containers measuring 40 ft HC each day to the USA. This robust infrastructure caters to the medium-high and high-range furniture market, accompanied by a lofty annual export target of $70 million USD.

Dedicated to Excellence and Sustainability

Sustainability at the Core of our organization. Executive Woodworks Limited is Committed to Responsible Furniture Manufacturing and Export.

As a 100% Export-Oriented company, Executive Woodworks Limited takes pride in its dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. This commitment is exemplified by our extensive certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, Fair Trade USA, EMS ISO 14000:2015, and UL Greengard certification.

Our journey towards sustainability goes beyond certificates; it’s deeply ingrained in our operations. We source and utilize FSC-certified timbers and a wide range of sustainable materials. From hogla, seagrass, water hyacinth, jute, and bamboo to ceramics, bone, and both local and imported timber, our materials are chosen with the environment in mind.

But our dedication to eco-friendliness doesn’t stop at materials. We have set a benchmark for adhering to strict environmental policies and implementing eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to protecting the environment is unwavering, and we take our role as responsible stewards of the planet seriously.

Crafting Excellence

The factory’s modern manufacturing landscape stands as an indication of technological advancement. Automated processes, including a kiln dry unit, sophisticated woodworking machinery, 6-axis CNC machines, automated veneer plants, robotic finishing lines, and a climatically controlled finished goods store, underscore our commitment to precision and quality. Notably, our factory’s scope extends beyond modern creations, embracing the revival of traditional local Cane and Rattan Furniture, fostering rural employment and catering to overseas demand.

Global Expertise and Empowerment

We have hired designers and experts from different countries around the world to ensure top-notch design, durability and sustainable finishing of products.  An instrumental facet of Executive Woodworks Limited’s operations is its commitment to women’s empowerment. The factory provides employment opportunities for 30% female workers, accompanied by amenities like daycare and breastfeeding centers, and facilities for sanitary pad usage and disposal.

In a world driven by innovation, Executive Woodworks Limited stands poised to redefine the furniture export landscape, embodying Bangladesh’s determination to leave an indelible mark on the global stage. With our blend of craftsmanship, automation, and sustainability, we envision a future where every piece of furniture finds its place in homes around the world.

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