Siam Bangla Industries Ltd.

Since 1971, The Siam Cement Kaeng Khoi company (sister concern of Siam Cement Group of Thailand) has gained wide popularity through the production and marketing of white cement in local and international markets such as Europe, America and various countries of Asia.

White Elephant Brand and White Tiger Brand have been able to achieve ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications for quality and environmental support of white cement.

Following this, since 2003, Siam Bangla Industries Ltd. is producing and marketing white cement in Bangladesh with quality finished raw materials imported from Thailand and the overall supervision and technical support of Siam Cement Group of Thailand.

At present Siam Bangla Industries Ltd. holds most of share of the white cement market in Bangladesh.

Elephant and Tiger brand white cement is manufactured using world class technology and advanced raw materials so that the quality of the cement remains intact and the construction work is risk free.

Quality Control

Use of world class technology

Cement quality is controlled by American Standard & Testing Method (ASTM) method.

Whiteness is tested using the Hunter Lab Method.

Physical and chemical properties are tested every hour by a Chemical Engineer from Thailand.

O-Separator technology is used to increase the fineness of cement.

The quality of cement is verified through regular BUET tests.

Various Applications of Elephant & Tiger Brand White Cement.

  • Made of terozo floor tiles, paver tile, grit wash and mosaic tiles
  • Mosaic works
  • Construction of fair face building
  • Texture plaster
  • Cement paint
  • Ornamental works
  • Versatile usage
  • Marble flooring
  • Stonecrete plaster
  • Tyrolean
  • Cement wash

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